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here the wimmin. Then separate pages for Raggy, Matilda, Brown Van, Aggie...

The network sustaining the Greenham camps was populated by hundreds of people in those last years. Some of those people visited camp and/or stayed at camp for any length of time. However, the numbers of wimmin actually spending nights / living at Blue Gate had dropped dramatically (to the point that there was a period before 1989 when the gate had no wimmin there). We could say, for the sake of illustrating the fact that we can actually do a great deal of important things even if we are few people, that the number of wimmin at camp could go from one (though they tried to have a minimum of two) to 15, except special days and celebrations. In any case, support by the network of people not at camp was crucial and noticeable in the food rota and in the list of subscribers to the Greenham Newsletter, just to mention two examples. At camp, in any case, there were a great deal of days when the average was six or eight women, and these women were not always the same, for although some did live at camp permanently, it was necessary to take breaks and stay at some home.

There were vegans, vegetarians, omnivorous wimmin; lesbians, heterosexual, bisexual women, women with no active sex life (then I don't know if there were any transexual or intersexual wimmin); there were spiritual wimmin (mostly pantheists I think) and agnostic and atheist wimmin, Quakers, too (Christians rejecting the use of violence), and if there were believers of any other monotheist patriarchal religion I never knew (there was critical awareness, though, of the sexist nature of patriarchal religions, and there were some involved in efforts of spirituality based on the notion of Gaia, Mother Earth, or Wicca).

There were wimmin from different geopolitical identities (nationalities) but most were from Wales and England, in the United Kingdom. I never saw women from Africa, Asia or America (meaning Latin Americans and Indian Americans), but I know there were links to wimmin in Nicaragua (Naomi and her work in Nicaragua was often present in the newsletter) or the Shoshone tribe, for instance.

A very important member of the community in those days was Raggy, a dog with his own mind, a lover of freedom of thought and action. The vans were also part of the community: Brown Van and Aggie. Bunnies' existence was also acknowledged -- there was a teddy bunny called Matilda who was charged with a number of crimes in her life span (got pic of Pam & Matilda in the bender). A sandwich that would refuse to be named also took part in the Bye Bye Byelaws action. Earwigs were also present, inspiring activists in many ways: The Greenham Earwig Home, by Lisa Bloo, and I'd even say Pyle Hill was a living creature, too.

Finally, here are some of the wimmin who lived at Blue Gate between 1989 and 1994. If you want to include your name, have it removed or modified, please, get in touch! Our sole intention is to leave a track of the fact that there were lots of wimmin doing things on this planet to build a better world or simply building it!

Later we can find some kind of order to this? alphabetical, chronological? Find out: which name people want:

mora Elizabeth Abraham mora Hazel mora Evelyn Parker mora Mommy Jean mora Raggy mora Dido Twite (Canada)mora Kay Tabernacle (Wales) mora Pam mora Kath mora Lorna Richardson mora Jemima mora Chris Drake mora Kathy (Canada) mora Jane Bone mora Jane Gregory mora Julie Howard mora Tine (Germany) mora Indra mora Lisa Bloo mora Marmalade mora Pixie mora Lisa Red mora Ronika mora Cath/Jemina mora Lui mora Louisa (aka Sister Cosmic) mora Ippy mora Nathalie (aka Michelle Shocked, Quebec, Canada) mora Emma mora michelle external link (aka Sister Intense, Ilse Rainbow 2, Spain) mora Sian Jones mora Ilse Rainbow 1 (Belgium) mora Yolande (Belgium) mora Jewels mora Lynette (Newbury Archives) mora Di McDonalds mora Jean-from-Whitney mora Manuela (Italy) mora Gaby mora Paz (Spain) mora Patricia (Spain) mora Lucia mora The Brighton Wimmin? mora Heena mora Juliet mora Topsy mora ...

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In Artwork you will find some poems by some of these wimmin: Lisa Bloo, Hazel