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Greenham Newsletter. Winter 1989-1990
Greenham Newsletter. Spring 1991
Greenham Newsletter. Spring 1990
Greenham Newsletter. September 1991. Special 10 years!
Spring 1993
Summer 1993

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The Greenham Newsletter

If you ever visited camp, you would probably wonder, How can these wimmin put out a newsletter in this bitter cold ever-damp air? Well, it was possible. There was a typewriter which they placed on an old tyre. Whenever possible, someone would type the stuff in a home or in an office, too.

The newsletter dealt with any issue women were involved in, like court cases, info on the Common, info coming telepathically from the base, stories about opening other gates, like Emerald or Woad, whenever there were enough people to stay at Blue and/or anyone felt like camping or had to camp in the woods away from the road, announcements for actions, narratives on actions, more personal contributions, including quotes, poems, graphics and selected and authorized bits from the diary... There was a lot of relevant information and analysis and also humour – check the truth of this by reading about the bylaws and the silos actions!

Once ready, the newsletter would be taken somewhere so that other people could make the copies and sent it out to the Greenham Newsletter Mailing List. These people were Greenham wimmin everywhere and also groups et al. that supported their work, like War Resisters' International external link or Peace News external link ...

Once, in an action inside the base, we found some documents in a bin, and took them with us, even though we could've been arrested for spionage or something. Anyway, we published what they said in the newsletter, and people working in the base got all nervous because they thought we had found out before it didn't actually matter!

These are some of the sweet beauties of nonviolent action – to expose how crazy the violent madness is!