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emailIf you were at camp, we would love to publish your memories and analyses, or any other materials you may wish to share.

Whichever your contributions are — written texts, audios, videos, graphics, links — we also need descriptive information: a title for each thing and when relevant, a descriptive text to present them. If you can send that in English & Spanish, remember to credit the translator!

Please, use the subject line of your email to give us an idea of what your email is about, e.g. "Getting in touch", "Contribution", "Links", "Translation". If you could browse the sections here & suggest which would be suitable for your contribution by sending its http address, that'd be helpful too!

Remember that the cleanest (of codes like Tabulation!!) your texts are the better for us: a text full of codes needs to be "cleaned" to make it a web page! This means, don't use fancy fonts and colors or columns. Plain text accepting italics plus with titles in bold would be perfect.wheel

Translating is a precious way to contribute to a better world, too! If you are willing to volunteer as a translator, join the Translators Medusa at Mujer Palabra!