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Why this? (the bloo's)

Fuego / FireWelcome to this website project about the last years (1989-1994) of Blue Gate, one of the two gates at Greenham Common Wimmin's Peace Camp which remained permanently open until the airbase had been emptied of nuclear arms and dismantled, and the land was finally returned to the community.

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If you are a woomn (or if you knew of someone) who spent time at Bloo (we can include more years, whatever!), we would love to share this space with you.

We started working on this project mostly because we missed camp. But there was something else, a herstoric fact: the Net has given us wimmin the first chance to leave a track track of the existence of our analysis, works and actions — valuable input which, traditionally, power-holders and the mass supporting the status quo of Patriarchy ignore, slander, distort because it shows that Patriarchy is not inevitable or the best option for out individual and social lives. In its own way, this website is an acknowledgement of wimmin's existence and their lucid and courageous transformative work in society. Idealist people can actually track imagine a better world because whichever the limitations, hardship or obstacles, they are a walking proof of that world. Empathetic Reason expressed as we communicate / relate should displace terrifying Patriarchal Reason, supposing we choose not to destroy the planet and our lives.

We hope your enjoy surfing this site and we also hope this project inspires you and keeps you company while you contribute to the very hard task (yet very enjoyable at times!) of building societies eager to solve problems by using track our intelligence instead of all of that violence.