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Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp (1981-88)

link1986 Chain Letter: camp needs wimmin!!!
linkThe Greenham Factor pdf file (13 pages) - informative publication sold to get funding for the camps.
linkLife in the Wimmin's Camps external link (audios)
linkGinnette's Orange Gate Diary external link (Nov 1982 - Jan 1985)
linkPapers of Sarah Meyer external link (donated to Bradford University) - check out the photos
linkThe Danish Peace Academy on Greenham Common Peace Camps Songbooks & Other external link
linkOn Greenham external link: text, pics & audio recalling and action, by the International Museum of Women

splitThe Split

Music: The Gates of Greenham external link


Why?Your Greenham external link videos & info focused in the years when lots of wimmin were camped. It's a pity the site doesn't acknowledge wimmin's presence in two permanent camps (Yellow & Blue) till the dismantling of the base. In the timeline you can find reference to what the military did -- well, wimmin were there all the way.