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Atrás Elizabeth Abraham (Woad / Blue Gates)

Places like Greenham Common are important in this perspective because these are places where the hidden alternative culture of women has been made visible to all the world: not just as a tribal phenomenon among the tribes, but as a head on challenge to the most complete and absolute of all male structures: the war machine.

'There have always been wars and there always will be'. This statement is not just incidental to the patriarchal mode. It is a structural truth.

Elizabeth Abraham, from her pamphlet (available below)
"The River Growing Flowing Down to the Sea" (1991)

3Reading the paper by a smoky fire, Blue Gate, 1990

1 Elizabeth's benders: she made them with two open umbrellas.

1 Elizabeth and zapping

1 THE RIVER Growing Flowing Down to THE SEA pdf (12 pages)
Key words: patriarchy, feminism, freedom, structure, organism, economy, homestead, society

5© Elizabeth Abraham 1991
First published in 1991 by
Woad / Blue Gate
Burysbank Rd.
Newbury, Berks, UK
ISBN 1-87 3652-00-3
Printed at Acorn Bookshop,
17, Chatham St. Reading

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