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From the Greenham Newsletter, 1990. Text and graphics by Kay

TunnellingSilo security was sadly lacking on 7/10/90, when after several months of wondering about a tunnel opening near the so-called super-fence, Natalie, Emma and I decided there was only one way to find out.

Equipped with 2 apples, several highly non-vegan (emergency supply) chocolate bars, a spare sanitary towel, a torch and 2 hack saws, we arrived at the tunnel entrance grid. After about 2 hrs work there was a hole big enough to wriggle through. Michelle and me soon took the oportunity for a chocolate break in a cavern under the road around the silos. A little further we realised we were in the silo area and called back to Emma the true-vegan, who was casting aspersions on the real reason for our trip. Emma came to the fence outside the silos as we popped up on the inside (after pausing for several moments while i wimpered on about being shot).

We were directly behind 2 USAF vehicles, and called out "hi, its us!". Their reaction was a mixture of bewilderment and panic. They shook as they handcuffed our hands behind us, and had to repeat over the radio "NO they are INSIDE the super fence!". We walked to the gate together where, as the soldier had forgotten his plastic-handcuff-cutters, we had to shatter his illusion and give them back after taking them off ourselves.

The MOD insisted on driving us out but after we met Emma at Woad Gate they decided to arrest us (presumably after finding the missing grill). After a brief spell at Greenham they took us to Newbury, where, during comic taped interviews in which none of us said a word we were shown the "exhibits". They were a huge cast iron grill and 2 junior hacksaws which they asked if we had seen before.

Emma was released without charge and Natalie and I were reported and fingerprinted, then released, but we haven't heard anything since.