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Volver a Literatura Wolfe's The Right Stuff. Some Comments on Formal Issues & the Timely Chanting of Military Heroism.

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In its eight parts, this essay on The Right Stuff explores how literary devices, particularly structure, point of view and the use of the role of the narrator combined with journalistic material are exploited by the author to work in favor of an ideological focus more concerned with actual myth preservation than with reporting. In a reading against the grain, it will try to show how this bestseller endeavors to elicit admiration towards the archetype of the hero, by using ideological and structural resources, grounded on a by default mentality that chants "universal" emotions. A useful book for power holders and status quo at a time of positive social change.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Form & Content
III. Narratologic Matters
IV. Wolfe the Narrator: Objectivity & Credibility
V. Wolfe the Reporter vs Reporters & Myth-Building
VI. Comments to Chapter Contents
VII. Contextualizing a Concern for Credibility
VIII. Conclusion
IX. Works Cited & Consulted


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Publicado en en 2005