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Autor/a: Título: vínculo en inglés sobre el punk
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vínculo en inglés sobre el punk

Estaba viendo esto y pensé que quizá os interesara, para practicar inglés, navegar por una página muy bien diseñada y entretenida y ver qué dice la gente en el mundo del tema:

Que lo disfrutéis. Ah, si hay dudas, ponedlas aquí, a ver si podemos contestar.


PS: Digs or dis? significa si te gusta o no: do you dig it?, te mola?, y dis-, supongo que de dislike o disagree...


Aquí os copio una opinión del punk como actitud (attitude):

There are different kinds of punk. Punk can be apathetic and reckless, or inspiring and revolutionary. I don't subscribe to the notion of people being labeled punk because that gets tricky. Some people try to be punks but aren't. And then there are the real punks--the kids who aren't embarrassed to raise their hands when they know the right answer, the ones who wear 3-piece suits just for the hell of it. Punk can't be defined by the way you dress or the bands you like. It's about being real and being comfortable with who you are. If you like certain punk bands or dress a certain way then perhaps you are more easily identifiable as a "punk," but to me, that's not a requirement. Once you start putting rules on what's punk, you're defeating the purpose.

Yes, punk is the clothes and the music, but it's mostly the attitude. Loving the individual that you are and not conforming and not cutting other people out for how they are either.

--a gURL user
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