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Podcasts (Listen & Repeat!)

The Talking People Podcast

Better AT English
Free English lessons for busy people — Learn English in as little as 2 minutes a day. Get Better at English! With Transcripts.

ESL Podcast
Recommended for any student (slow and fast versions), with monologues (news-type texts, explanations) and dialogues on daily situations. Also, stories.

The English Teacher John Show (US American living in Japan) An easy-to-understand English learning podcast.We feature: grammar, idioms, pronunciation, topics and more. We always speak slowly and clearly. Listen and practice!

Breaking News English short news items with transcriptions and lesson plans for EFL students. When you open the text format, skip reading the transcription!

Greenpeace Podcast Audio and video

National Geographic Podcasts

Science Fridays Science radio once a week! Science Friday, as heard on NPR, is a weekly discussion of the latest news in science, technology, health, and the environment hosted by Ira Flatow. Ira interviews scientists, authors, and policymakers, and listeners can call in and ask questions as well. Hear it each week on NPR stations nationwide -- or online here!

All in the Mind ABC Radio. Australia. Science and Medicine. All In The Mind is Radio National's weekly foray into the mental universe, the mind, brain and behaviour - everything from addiction to artificial intelligence.

Frases comunes 1: imperativos, teléfono, modales, preguntas habituales, comparaciones (ESO, Bachillerato; 1 p. en pdf)
Conversación sobre las vacaciones (ESO, 2 pp. en pdf)
Ver sección de Listening, porque también sirve para Speaking.