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Where are the men who understand the key problem women have been identifying as the massive oppressed group in patriarchal cultures of violence-prevalence?

Tengo una preguntaIn the 21st century, why when there is a war, it’s feminists the problem? FEMINISM means WORLD MOVEMENTS of analyses & action FOR life, for surviving & living & coexisting in respect for ALL! And not (only) because our bodies create babies, but (mostly) because we have been bearing extreme violences and injustices for millenia and having to survive without freedom, material resources and without using physical violence! We KNOW what war is because it’s also here in peace time! We are EXPERTS in nonviolent struggle!

Where are the men who understand the problem?!: That the patriarchies of violence-prevalence create poverty, terror, destruction, suffering? Why can’t they acknowledge what is obvious? What more evidence do we all need? Why can’t that be said by a woman without the woman being burned at the stake?! Why can’t men say it? Of course, it’s never the right time! Their priority is always to build hatred, not answers to problems! That’s for us, how to keep life going! And no respect for that!

We ALL need to neutralize and outgrow these primitive patriarchal cultures of violence-prevalence, so we can respect the diversity of human indentities and other human cultures, instead of wiping us out and enslaving us! Women fighting for a different kind of world are not terrorizing people, raping, committing other kinds of torture, murdering, bombing, maming, creating famines, endemic poverty, death by thirst, sentencing people to need, appropriating all the resources at the expense of other people’s survival? Our “crime” is daring to say Man has a key responsibility, and needs to disobey the cultural mandate of violences!

Feminism is a world movement connected and committed with all the struggles to overcome systems of oppression, starting with the most primary and un-nameable: the dehumanizing sex-gender system that reduces human identities to a reproductive model that assigns human traits in all humans to people depending on whether they are seen as a Macho or not. Feminist intelligences reach out as you can all read today on the internet to all kinds of oppression systems, including racist nation-states build on genocide, land appropriation and theft of it all! Cultures which also subject “their own” population to homogeneization in the construction of its “nationality”. America is a continent! Patriarchal governments don’t represent the peoples!

We all need to overcome patriarchal cultures of violence-prevalence so we can survive, live and coexist. Women all over the world have been understanding this for centuries, and fighting for social and cultural change. And what did Man do? Wipe them out of history. Thus, wiped out of our consciousness to the point that we don’t see what is in front of us! Social movements like feminism don’t use or abuse women, nor people of any kind! Not because we are “saints” but because Our Thing is not replacing the “ruler” of humankind! Our rage is not hatred, but empathetic commitment, it doesn’t blind us but brings vision for all humanity! Feminists don’t wish to do what patriarchs do, dominate. They work to stop precisely that! How does anyone dare explain us what we are or what we are doing?! When I hear “Feminists hate men” my only thought is, How can they be so violent? Where is their empathy, their human intelligence?

The more the violences intensify, the more “witches” are burned. We know the story. Our lucid and empathetic human minds see what’s there and what is beyond that. Do you think we can’t relate to men who are oppressed or suffer?! We are always here, helping beyond what is possible! What about you, do you support us? We the human beings, not rubber dolls, and bodies for extreme exploitation in all sorts of ways and degrees. Are you on our side when we fight to sustain life and create a different kind of world? We never hear you acknowledge the realities we identify and transform. And this matters.

The pending question is always the same:  When will men understand Patriarchy is a problem and join in the struggle to stop this destructive madness? Our existence and analyses as intelligent human beings is not Man’s humiliation! Come to your senses – not your Patriarchal REason, but empathetic rationality! Cooperate and respect! Aren’t we all interested in being able to live and let live?

8 de marzo, 2024
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Publicado en el 8 de marzo 2024